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Nurturing Gratitude with Nature: My April Planner Spread

Nurturing Gratitude with Nature: My April Planner Spread

Nurturing Gratitude with Nature: My April Planner Spread

As the buds of April unfurl their petals to the springtime sun, our planners too blossom with the promise of new beginnings and joyful reflections. This month, let’s delve into the artistry of gratitude journaling—in a two-page spread that makes it easy for you to reflect on all of the amazing memories of the month in one glass. I'll guide you through the creation of an April gratitude spread that uses fresh and vibrant spring green colours and a touch of gorgeous rainbow foiled sticker elements.

Infusing Nature into Planning

My latest creation draws its breath from the very essence of spring—the Leafy Bush, Trees, & Plants art deco kit. This seven-sheet symphony of greenery brings your planner to life with an array of verdant visuals, from lush bushes to majestic trees. It’s a planner's homage to nature's awakening.

How to Whip Up an April Gratitude Spread That Pops

Step 1: Splash on Those Dates
First up, let’s get those dates down, but forget plain old numbers—we’re jazzing them up with rainbow foil with our foiled numbered stickers! These little guys are more than just date markers; they’re your daily dose of cheer because they shine so beautifully with the rainbow foil! Stick them on and watch your month light up.

Step 2: Sky’s the Limit with Washi
Grab your blue and lime cloud washi strips and flip your planner topsy-turvy at the top to make it easy to apply the sky washi and connect it seamlessly. This trick makes sure your clouds are right where they should be, dreamy and just perfect.

Step 3: Colourful Days to Make You Smile
Now let’s give each day its moment to shine with a sticker for the day in a different rainbow foiled hue. These are like little mood boosters for each day of the week—because who doesn’t want a bit of rainbow every day? Plus, our Days of the Week & Months of the Year script font stickers come in 15 different fonts!

Step 4: Get Down with Greenery
Alright, time to get grounded—literally. We’re laying down a stretch of bush washi on the bottom right and bringing in our sticker plant pals. Overlap the bush washi and layer it with shrubs, plants, bamboo lanterns, and more! Since these stickers are kiss-cut, you can easily make the white edges disappear with a couple of swipes of your Tombow green makers. This is where your page starts to really bloom!

Step 5: Cute Fences to Box In the Fun
On the lower left of your left planner page, let’s define our space with the cutest grass and white picket fence washi. These little beauties from our Lemonade Stand kit fit right in without hogging your planning space.

Step 6: Light Up your Spread with a Touch of Gold Foil
It's the top left corner’s turn! Those hanging plants are dying for some gold foil lanterns to light up your spread. Slap those Abstract Foiled Overlay shiny stickers on and bam! Your scene’s got ambiance. I also did the same for the right page's bottom washi. It just really adds such a pretty sparkle!

Step 7: Let Those Butterflies Flutter
Nothing says 'spring has sprung' like a fleet of rainbow foiled butterflies. Place them so they look like they’re flitting across your planner. It's all about bringing movement and a touch of whimsy to your daily grind.

Step 8: It's All About the Finishing Touches
And for our grand finale, a sprinkle of foiled florals from the A New Beginning Scene Sticker Kit. They’re the cherry on top of your planner sundae, bringing all the elements together for that final wow factor.

Layered Sticker Beauty: The Technique Behind the Tapestry

Sticker layering is more than a technique; it’s a planner philosophy. In life, as in planners, each element builds upon the last to create depth and perspective. My April monthly gratitude spread is no different. With every sticker, every application of foiled stickers, the pages transform into a story—a narrative of nature, of growth, and of the gratitude that roots us to our happiest memories.

Reflecting Happiness: A Month at a Glance

Why document our daily joys? To remember them, certainly. But also to reflect and to express gratitude, which brings some positive and happy vibes into our life. By summarizing our days' happy moments, we create a mosaic of gratitude. A single glance at the month's spread allows us to relive the collective beauty of life’s small wonders, all gathered in the haven of our planner.

Inviting You into the Garden of Planning

This April, I invite you to join me in creating a monthly spread to track your daily happy moments. Let’s sow seeds of gratitude together and watch them grow into a lush landscape across our spreads. With stickers as our tools and imagination as our guide, the possibilities are as limitless as the sky above.

Wrap-Up: You’re All Set!

There you have it! Your planner's now bursting with life and ready for all those gratitude moments. As each day passes, jot down something that made you grin, something kind someone has done for you, and all of those tiny happy moments that make your day special. It's about capturing those tiny wins and being creative in your planner while you’re at it.

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