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Unleash Your Inner Artist: A Hand-Drawn Easter in Your Planner

Unleash Your Inner Artist: A Hand-Drawn Easter in Your Planner

Unleash Your Inner Artist: A Hand-Drawn Easter in Your Planner

In the world of planning and journaling, there’s a little secret that turns the ordinary into extraordinary: the magic of hand-drawn elements. Today, we're not just planning our weekends; we're opening a doorway to whimsy with our very own Easter scene, where glitter sparkles and doodles take center stage.

The Unique Touch of DIY

Hand-drawn elements in your planner does more than fill space; it adds a piece of your essence, a signature that is uniquely yours. Whether it's a serene moment sketching or a vibrant hour colouring a colouring book, every stroke is a step towards relaxation and self-expression. And for those moments when we think, "But I can't draw!", remember: every cut-out from a scrapbook or magazine is a brush with creativity, waiting for you to give it a home in your planner.

You can also use images purchased from different stock sites to help adorn your planner and make it truly yours. Sometimes, even the most simple of paper layering can create an entirely different sceneand that doesn't involve any drawing at all! 

From Imagination to Paper

Let's talk about the star of this week's spread—an adorable, hand-drawn egg donning bunny ears, nestled among leaves. It's not just a drawing; it's a statement piece, an extra-large design made by your own hand. With some crafting glue, a sprinkle of glitter from Michaels, and Tombow markers for outlining and colouring, this egg transforms a simple planner spread into a playful Easter garden.

Function Meets Fun

In this planner garden, Black & White Bullet Journal Functional stickers aren't merely functional; they're the trellises that support the growth of your plans and goals. They stand in stark, stylish contrast to the hand-drawn and coloured elements, proving that in the land of planners, variety is truly the spice of life. And, did you know? You can use markers to colour these stickers so that they colour coordinate with any sticker?!

A Cut Above: Fussy Cutting Stickers

For those less inclined to doodle, fussy cutting offers a fabulous alternative. It’s like taking your planner on a shopping spree through the pages of scrapbook papers and colouring books. And why stop there? Dip into the realm of colour and shade those cut-outs to add another layer of personal flair. My favourite markers are Tombow markers because they're smooth and offer saturated pigments and tend to have a long lifespan.

Doodle Tutorial Corner

Fancy making your own Easter doodle? Here’s how to start:

Sketch your idea on a blank page, using pencil to allow for error and exploration.
Go over your pencil lines with archival ink markers for a crisp, enduring outline.
Colour in your design with Tombow markers or your choice of medium.
Accentuate with a gentle dusting of glitter for that special sparkle. I used a white craft glue for the sparkles that worked well as it dried transparent. There was a little rippling in the paper afterwards, but that's easy to fix with putting a heavy book on top of the page when it's dry. Finalize with sticker placement using tweezers for precision. Our Cute as a Bunny art deco stickers are a delight to use for little sticker accents.


Call to Decorative Planning

Now it’s your turn. Take this as a sign to weave your own tapestry of mediums in your planner. Mix hand-drawn art with stickers, scrapbook cut-outs with colouring book treasures. Challenge yourself to step outside the sticker book and into a world where every element of your planner is a reflection of your imagination.

Here is another example, with a St. Patrick's Day theme. where I drew simple geometric shapes and lines to create a fun design accents that enhanced my planner spread. I used stickers from Lucky Charm as well as torn paper, the pot of gold, and various other stickers from our 40 Shades of Green bullet journal kit.

Share your creations using our sticker in our VIP Facebook group as we'd love to see what you create! Let’s inspire and be inspired, turning the pages of our planners into galleries of personal expression and everyday joy.

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