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PR Team Welcome

Creating a successful small business begins with the support of a team that is dedicated to seeing that business succeed and is passionate about the products that it offers. It's the drive and the generosity of these people who are the backbone of my small shop and whom I'm grateful to have on my team helping me reach my dreams of sharing my art with the world. With this in mind, I am honoured and privileged to share with you the new Winterfield Studios PR team in the hopes that you'll be able to put a face to the names of these amazing ladies that inspire and help my shop dreams grow!

Note: new foiled spring freebies are available as of February 27, 2021. Foil colour is chosen at random.

Why These Ladies Are Amazing

These remarkable ladies amaze me every day—from featuring my products on their social accounts to their friends and family to creating engaging PWM videos to even sharing creative planner ideas to inspiring new sticker designs at my shop, I couldn't be more proud and inspired to be working with these ladies. Each of them brings a wealth of experience to the team, and they're all passionate about connecting with and helping to grow the planner community. They're truly the ones behind all the magic at Winterfield Studios! So, please welcome my new team and give them some love because they deserve it! 

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Jodi @JodiCake, Shop Manager
Save 20% on your order using code: JODI
As the Shop Manager at Winterfield Studios, Jodi has been with me from just six months after I first opened my shop. She is my right-hand for all things planner-related, and one of my best friends. She also does an outstanding job at managing the Winterfield Studios PR team and in creating a fun and welcoming environment within our group. If you're looking to get to know a planner guru, Jodi is the expert!

Jodi first found her love of decorative planning by watching planning videos on YouTube and, today, has found her planner peace with her Recollections and B6 Travelers Notebook. 

As a decorative planner brand ambassador at my shop, Jodi is most passionate about supporting shops whose products she loves and by contributing to the creative process to help bring these products to life and grow a brand. Her success is evident in many of the shops she’s worked with—whether that’s leading a big sales event, promoting products, or creating an engaged audience in various Facebook groups. Jodi’s passion for the planning community is inspiring! 

Which styles and designs does she gravitate to the most? Jodi is drawn to clean designs and everything vintage from clothing to decor but, deep down inside, Jodi is definitely a girly girl where polka dots and everything pink rules her world!

In her spare time, Jodi has an impressive talent for cake decorating (and baking!), she is an avid writer, has reviewed books for a few major publishing houses, and has even had one of her short stories published in a mystery magazine! WOW!
Jodi Spring 2021 PR Freebie

Michele @michelesgotaplan, Brand Ambassador
Save 20% on your order using code: MICHELE
Michelle has been planning for over a year now and first got hooked on the amazing planner community by watching YouTube videos with her friends. Michele has been part of the PR world for over six months and always does a little happy dance each time she brings a new customer to a shop (how sweet is this?!). When it comes to her favourite planner supplies, Michele can't live without her white out roller—I'm sure many of us can attest to this! Michele is always up for trying new planner products, but she definitely loves pastel colours (you can tell her and I are going to get along real well, right?!).

On a more personal side, Michele is a mother to six children and has three fur babies, so you just know that she has a big heart and cares about everyone.  Aside from planning, she loves to scrapbook and fish and she is a school bus driver and a amazing lunch lady. Please join me in giving Michele a warm welcome to the team! 

Michele Spring 2021 PR Freebie


Debbie @alliswellplanned, Brand Ambassador

Save 20% on your order using code: DEBBIE

Debbie has been planning for as long as she remembers, but it first started for her when she was a teacher and then her planning focus transitioned into parenthood where she used her planner to help keep her three wonderful children's schedules organized. The creative nature of the planner community, and the inspiration she gets from others in the community, is what truly binds her to the decorative planning world.

Although Debbie is fairly new to providing PR support to planner shops, she thrives on contributing to the growing community and is always up for a challenge! Her PR background in assisting various organizations with their social media presence is also going to come in handy in her role—which is great because she is very passionate about being part of the creative expression and development of a brand. And, it sure doesn't hurt that she loves stickers!

Debbie's favourite planner is the Happy Planner because of how flexible it is in terms of allowing her to truly make it her own. Currently, she has four (yes four!) Happy Planners: two classic, one for work, and her catch-all: a mini and a skinny mini. I think we can say that she may definitely be the Happy Planner whisperer! 

Her inspiration comes from others within the planner community, her workspace, and quiet mornings sitting at the window watching her garden bloom—which aligns well with her creative style that ebbs and flows with how she's feeling in the moment.

Outside of the planning world, Debbie loves gardening, riding her bike, and doggy duty. Ironically, she hates cooking but loves watching cooking shows (I'm sure many of us can relate! She's also married, has three children, two step-children, and two dogs. As a retired teacher and a coach, she's now back working at a college.
Debbie Spring 2021 PR Freebie

Maggie PR Girl

Maggie  @maggiejos.plans, Brand Ambassador

Save 20% on your order using code: MAGGIE

With over 20 years of planning experience and nearly a year in the decorative planning world, I'm excited to have Maggie join me in my shop journey.

Maggie first began decorative planning through the encouragement of her best friend. Drawing inspiration from YouTube and all of the amazing decorative planners on Instagram, Maggie was well on her way to developing her own planner style the moment she purchased her first planner. And, once her happy mail stickers arrived, she was all-in!

Although this is her first PR role, she's made for this role and is super excited to share her creativity with the planner community. The joy of seeing other planners try out stickers from new shops and show off their planner spreads is what truly brings her joy.

Her favourite planner is her vertical, neutral weekly Daily Duo, but she just purchased an A5 Wide that she's going to use for memory planner in addition to another vertical planner that she's using to coordinate her dailies. Naturally, she gravitates towards weekly kits and appreciates the beauty in simplicity. She's also pumped about trying out my scene sticker kits to make her planner spreads pop while still affording her plenty of white space for the planning details.

Her biggest passion in life is her family. She has two incredible daughters—her youngest is a competitive gymnast and keeps Maggie busy with travelling and practices. With travel being another love of her life, Maggie is aching to get back on a cruise ship again. Her educational background is music and, although she's not teaching music right now, she still ensures she makes time for it in her life. Her other hobbies include home decor and architecture, crafts, crocheting, book club, and reality television—especially if it's music-related.
Maggie Spring 2021 PR Freebie

Mary PR Girl

Mary @my_creative_plans, Brand Ambassador

Save 20% on your order using code: MARY20

I'm thrilled to share with you that Mary has joined our Winter PR team and will play a key role in furthering the WS brand’s reach into the United Kingdom (UK)! But, it's not just Mary's location and her kind and friendly demeanor that drew me to her and her stunning IG feed—she's also a bit of a veteran planner with over four years of experience and is known as an authority figure in the UK planner-verse as her shop critique and feedback is sought after by many planner shop owners! So, you can imagine how excited I am to tap into her knowledge and expertise.

Mary first began her planner journey as a creative outlet to help with anxiety and indulge in her love of stationery. After she joined a few planner groups, she immediately felt a sense of community and realized that she had found her peeps. She's super keen on supporting small businesses and takes great pleasure in working behind the scenes to help bring new shop ideas to life. Of course, meeting people, developing friendships, and being part of a team is also a motivator for Mary.

Although her planner style is constantly evolving, her A5 rings hold a special place in her heart. Since she's a very creative person, her planner style inspiration comes from many different areas of her life, including the seasons, happy moments (yes, we have a script for this!), current events, her family, etc., so you'll definitely see some unique planner spreads in her feed!

On a personal side, Mary is married and has a son named Oliver, who is autistic and needs a little extra care, so she spends most of her time with him and writing poetry and speeches for weddings from her home office. She has a degree in drama (although she's a no-drama llama!) and also loves snail mail and paper crafts. Fun fact: DYK Mary lives in North East England where the first two Harry Potter movies were filmed? How cool is that?

Mary Spring 2021 PR Freebie


Karmyn @leahtheorange, Brand Ambassador

Save 20% on your order using code: KARMYN

Karmyn has been a decorative planner for three plus years and first got started in the plannerverse when a friend gifted her a planner and she saw it as an amazing new medium to explore with her creativity. She is a cardmaker and scrapbooker after my own heart and loves encouraging crafters and planners to find their own style but also experiment with new ideas. As an avid supporter of small businesses and shining the spotlight on local talent, Karmyn loves to give back and help other creatives explore their style and share it with the planner word.⁠
Karmyn's go-to planner is a bullet journal because of the freedom it brings with design options. Currently, she's using a classic and mini-size dot grid and a blackout journal. To help inspire others, she also uses pre-printed layouts to give her spreads a fun twist. She loves abstract and funky designs as well as layering (yay!), doodles, and bright colours, but she's not afraid to try something new. Her inspiration comes from architecture, patterns in modern art and fashion and she even brings these inspirations to her personal cocktail and charcuterie creations!⁠
Aside from planning, Karmyn lives for her cats and music and always revels in a good live concert. She also just started getting into the cruise life and has future goals to become a motivational speaker. With all of her many talents, enthusiasm, and optimism, I'm sure she's going to make a great addition to our team. Please join me in welcoming her and give her some love by following her account (@leahtheorange) and using her code KARMYN to save 20% on your next order at my shop and to get her foiled freebie!

Karmyn PR Freebie