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Artful Harmony: Combining Stickers with Simple Marker Designs in Your Planner

Artful Harmony: Combining Stickers with Simple Marker Designs in Your Planner

Artful Harmony: Combining Stickers with Simple Marker Designs in Your Planner

Welcome to our little corner of creativity and colour! If you're anything like me, your planner is more than just a tool for organization—it's a canvas for creativity. Today, I'm excited to share a fun and artistic way to breathe life into your planner spreads using nothing more than some beautiful Tombow water-based markers, your favourite stickers, and washi tape. So grab your planner or bullet journal and let's create a floral gratitude spread! 

In the realm of creative planning and journaling, your planner transcends its role as a mere organizer—it becomes a vibrant canvas for your artistic expression. Let’s explore how Tombow markers, alongside an array of stickers, can transform your planning into an art form.

The Joy of Decorative Planning

Decorative planning isn’t just about beautifying your planner pages; it’s a mindful practice that marries organization with creativity. It’s where the practicality of keeping track of your daily tasks meets the therapeutic benefits of art and crafting. By incorporating planner stickers, washi tapes, and vibrant marker hues into your spreads, you're not just planning your week—you're embarking on a small creative adventure every time you open your planner.

Materials to Spark Your Creativity

To start this journey, gather your tools of creativity

  1. Tombow Water-Based Markers: Known for their blendability and vibrant colours, perfect for everything from subtle gradients to bold statements.
  2. Planner Stickers: Elegant Functional Sticker Boxes & Circles, Floral Escape Bullet Journal Stickers, which are a great combination of functional to decorative stickers perfect for to add personality and pizzazz to your pages.
  3. Your Trusty Planner: Whether it's a Happy Planner, Bullet Journal, or any other, it’s your canvas waiting to be filled.
  4. Washi Tapes: For borders, accents, and everything in between, adding texture and layers to your design.
  5. Handwriting Sticker Paper: White and transparent options for adding handwritten notes or softening intense colours.

Crafting Your Floral Gratitude Journal Spread

Gratitude journaling is a powerful practice for mindfulness and positivity, and what better way to enhance this practice than with a custom-designed floral layout?

Step 1: Layout and Colour Foundation

Drawing inspiration from art principles like the rule of thirds, begin by sketching a rectangle off-center on your page. This technique ensures visual interest and draws the eye across the page. Divide this rectangle into sections, ready to be filled with colour. As you choose your Tombow markers, consider the stickers you’ll use—opt for a palette that complements or contrasts beautifully with your chosen stickers for a cohesive look.

Step 2: Texture, Layers, and Personalization

After laying down your marker colours, you might find the saturation too bold for the delicate vibe you’re aiming for. Here’s where the magic of crafting comes in. Layering thin strips of handwriting sticker paper over your coloured sections can soften the intensity, adding a dreamy texture to your layout. This step exemplifies the heart of decorative planning—adjusting and layering until you achieve the perfect look.

Step 3: Decorative Elements and Finishing Touches

With your coloured base ready, it's time to bring in the stars of the show—planner stickers. Use the large floral border washi to anchor your coloured rectangle, adding a burst of life to the layout. Position it slightly off-center for an artistic touch. Functional stickers from our Floral Escape kit, when placed thoughtfully, can serve as reminders or focal points for your gratitude entries. Take a vertical sticker from the Elegant Functional boxes sticker kit and place it at the top left of the rectangle. Adding torn corner edges to this sticker will introduce a lovely, whimsical element.

Use a black marker to outline your rectangle, giving it a crisp edge. Don’t shy away from modifying these stickers; trimming, tearing, and colouring them can make them truly yours.

Did you know? All of our black and white functional stickers can be coloured with markers? It's a great way to coordinate functional stickers with any sticker kit you use. Plus, who doesn't love to colour? It's such a relaxing and peaceful creative outlet.

Beyond the Basics: Advanced Creative Planning Tips

  • Embrace Imperfection: Part of the charm of a handmade planner spread is its imperfections. Let your lines be a little wobbly and your colors outside the lines. It adds character and warmth to your pages.
  • Layering for Depth: Don’t stop at two layers. Combine markers, stickers, washi tape, and even bits of scrapbook paper to create depth and intrigue in your layouts.
  • Interactive Elements: Add flaps or mini envelopes to your spread. They can hold additional notes, stickers, or even small keepsakes related to your gratitude practice.
  • In this gratitude layout, I found that the right edge of the page was a little too simple, so I pulled in strips of purple alcohol ink craft paper from a previous project and finished off the page with a nice colour coordinating border. It's all about those simple touches that can transform your design and give it a little extra impact! 

The Impact of Decorative Planning:

As you blend the vibrant hues of your Tombow markers with the playful and inspirational designs of your planner stickers, you’re doing more than just creating a visually appealing layout. You’re setting the stage for a deeper connection with your gratitude practice. Each element, from the smallest sticker to the broad swaths of colour, serves as a reflection of the moments and feelings you’re grateful for.

Decorative planning, especially when it involves gratitude journaling, is a deeply personal and rewarding practice. It’s about finding joy in the small things—be it a beautifully executed layout or the simple act of reflecting on the day's blessings. So, let your creativity flow freely, and watch as your planner becomes a testament to your artistic spirit and a sanctuary for your thoughts and reflections.

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