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Craft a Standout Daily Planner Spread: Bold Cardstock Boxes and Hexagon Punch Accents Tutorial

Craft a Standout Daily Planner Spread: Bold Cardstock Boxes and Hexagon Punch Accents Tutorial

Craft a Standout Daily Planner Spread: Bold Cardstock Boxes and Hexagon Punch Accents Tutorial

Ready to add some springtime zest to your planner pages? I’ve just whipped up a fresh tutorial to help you create a gorgeously functional spread that's as flexible as it is beautiful. Whether you're tracking your sunny springtime or summertime activities, scribbling down your daily happy moments, or listing those to-dos, this design is all about bringing the outdoor blooms right to your planner or bullet journal! So, let's weave a little sticker magic into your daily planning routine. Whether you’re into decorative planning, gratitude journaling, or simply seeking some creative planning inspiration, this layout is your ticket to a blooming beautiful planner. Let's roll up our sleeves and transform your daily planner spread into a vibrant flower garden that thrives all season long!

Step-by-Step Guide to a Spring or Summer Floral Sticker Planner Spread or Bullet Journal Layout

Crafting Your Base: Customizing Cardstock for Your Classic Happy Planner Size

I started this spread with a blank canvas, but you can always use an existing vertical, horizontal, daily, or hourly Happy Planner page. Just note that you will see the page's template lines in the background. If you're looking for a clean look, let's kick things off by trimming a standard 8.5" by 11" piece of 110 pound cardstock to the Classic Happy Planner size of 9.25" w 7" h (or whichever Happy Planner size you're using), and then let the Happy Planner punch do its dance along the edge.

I must say that it's definitely worth the investment to purchase the Happy Planner border punch because it allows you complete freedom and flexibility in the type of paper you use in your planner. One day you may want to use white cardstock and another day a beautiful floral print from a scrapbook paper pack. Having this trusted punch tool in your arsenal just opens up more opportunities for you to get creative in your planner. You're not just preparing pages; you're curating a personal canvas for your daily planner spread. The same applies if you're using a ringed planner.

Designing the Focal Point: Bold Boxes for Daily Planning

It’s time for the star of the show—the functional box. Take any leftover cardstock you have, and cut out a rectangle. Go for big and bold or small and subtle, whatever your planner heart desires. I traced around my with a black Tombow marker for that bold frame that makes those spring stickers stand out.

Tip: I like to place a scrap piece of paper behind the cardstock I'm colouring just to ensure the marker doesn't bleed onto my desk. Alternately, you can use a craft mat to catch any stray marker bleeds.

The contract of black ink and vibrant coloured stickers is just gorgeous! If fussy cutting isn't your jam, grab a ruler and draw directly onto your planner or bullet journal page. The idea is to create a standout space for your thoughts or plans.

Adding Springtime Scenes: Washi Border Scenes and Sticker Layering

In this spread, I used the 'March into Spring' floral sticker kit, which features five sheets of pretty florals, leaves, border floral and leaf scenes, and unique hand-drawn black and white functional stickers.

Choose one of the many floral washi border scenes from this kit and align it underneath the left side of your functional box. Use trusty double-sided tape to attach your functional box over top of the washi border, giving it a playful tilt to catch the eye. No washi borders? No worries! You can create a faux-washi effect by layering strips of coloured or patterned cardstock paper.

Embellishing with Blooms: Floral Stickers for Decorative Planning

Adorn your functional box with an array of floral stickers, arranging them as if they’re blooming from the corners and edges. Think of each sticker as part of a larger bouquet, one that frames your plans with nature's artwork. If you’re lacking flower stickers, get creative with hand-drawn blossoms or print out some floral designs from the internet or even cut out some from your favourite scrapbook paper pack. And, have fun with your stickers! Tearing and cutting up your stickers to help them fit perfectly into your layout is a great way to customize your planner spread. In the photo below, you can see that I tore off the edge of the leaf to make it align better with the box. That's what's so much fun about playing with stickers: you have full creativity to use them as is or customize them for your layout.

Creative Shapes for Notes: Hexagon Punches and Colourful Tombow Markers

With your hexagon punch, pop out a few shapes from either coordinating coloured cardstock or white cardstock. In my layout, I used white cardstock and outlined these honeycomb pieces with vibrant Tombow markers to match my sticker palette. I then arranged the hexagon punches in a cluster for an eye-catching effect. No hexagon punch? No problem! You can easily draw geometric hexagon shapes and use a simple pair of scissors and a steady hand to cut out the shapes. You can also cut out shapes from patterned paper, or use your favourite crafting stamps to create a similar effect.

A Touch of Whimsy: Adding Bird Stickers and Summer Accents

The March into Spring sticker kit has a couple of really cute bird stickers, so I let one of those charming bird stickers perch on top of my hexagons, as if it just landed into my planner for a new home. This tiny detail can bring a sense of life and movement to your layout. And, if birds aren’t your motif of choice, any small sticker or drawing that complements your theme will do just fine. You can check out our full collection of art deco stickers to use for this purpose. Whether you're looking for florals, leaves, plants, animals, or something else, we likely have it in our collection! 

Shiny Finishes: Metallic Washi Tape for a Pop of Colour in your Planner Spread

Add a hint of glamour with a strip of thin metallic washi tape, which helps anchor your design and define your space. It’s the perfect way to inject a touch of unexpected sparkle and shimmer into your daily planning. If metallic washi tape isn't at hand, a swipe of a metallic marker or even a glitter pen can give you a similar gleaming effect.

Designing a Functional Yet Artistic Box for Journaling and Planning

Now, for the right side of your planner or bullet journal page. Cut out another large rectangular box or draw one in your planner or bullet journal and outline it with the same marker you used on the opposite side of the page. This larger box is your blank slate for whatever you want it to be—more room for daily thoughts, a space for weekly highlights, or even a mini gratitude corner. After outlining it in black, stick down your second floral washi border scene to bring more nature right there on your page. For this section, I cut off the end of the leafy border edge and put it aside to use later on in the spread. These are fun little ways you can make the most out of your sticker because every sticker and paper scrap counts and can be used for a decorative detail!

Utilizing Sticker Scraps for Added Detail and Texture

When you snip your stickers, keep those leftover edges! They’re perfect for adding detailed accents to other areas of your spread. It’s like giving your planner a second helping of spring, using every last petal. This resourceful move not only saves on stickers but also adds a layered look.

Applying the Rule of Thirds for a Balanced Planner Design

Echo that magenta washi brilliance from the top left of the page to the right, using the rule of thirds to guide placement. This isn't just about following design principles; it's about creating a visually balanced sanctuary for your spring and summer planner spreads or spring bullet journal layouts. Plus, it fills in that white space really nicely so the final layout looks a little more finished.

Customizing Your Creative Spring and Summer Planner Spread

And there you have it—a detailed path to a planner spread that's both practical and enchanting. Whether you're deep into planner inspiration or just starting out, this layout can be adapted to your needs. Remember, you can make this with any theme you choose; swap out spring stickers for summer stickers or floral stickers for beach stickers, and make it your own. You can even change up the punch shapes you use or even the colour of the markers. Tiny little changes can make a big impact and ensure your planner spread is truly unique and a representation of your creative style. 

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