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Using Watercolour Sprays to Transform Your Planner Spread

Using Watercolour Sprays to Transform Your Planner Spread

Using Watercolour Sprays to Transform Your Planner Spread

Hey planner friends! 🌸 Ready to add a splash of colour to your planner spread or bullet journal layout? Today, we're diving into the world of watercolour spray art to create a stunning, unique planner spread. So, grab your supplies, and let's get artsy! 

Gather Your Supplies for Decorative Planning

First things first, you'll need some watercolour sprays in your favorite colours, your planner or bullet journal, coordinating scrapbook paper scraps, and your spring and summer stickers. I chose to use 110 lb cardstock because I was a little worried about the ink bleeding through, but you can always double up on the paper if you want to use your bullet journal or planner pages. Got everything? Awesome! Let’s get started.

Protect Your Workspace

Trust me on this as I made a mess when I created this planner spread. I accidentally spilled a half bottle of fuchsia spray all over my desk and floor! Oops! Thankfully, it’s watercolour, so it’s fairly easy to clean up. But, it could have been alcohol inks or oil paints, and then I’d really be in trouble! So, lay down some old newspapers or your largest craft mat because things are about to get a little messy (in the best way possible!).

Plan Your Unique Planner Spread

Are you the type of creative who prefers to plan out every decorative planner spread or scrapbook page? Or do you like to just let those creative juices flow? I’m a little bit of a mix of both, but in today’s video and blog, I was the latter. I just turned on some good tunes, poured a nice glass of wine, and played with inks and stickers. No plan other than I wanted to use the watercolour sprays and the Floral Explosion bullet journal kit.

Start with a Splash: Applying Watercolour Sprays

To start, I recommend spraying some water on your cardstock right away. This will ensure that when you use the watercolour sprays, they blend really nicely. Otherwise, I found that it just got a bit messy with very deep blocks of colour. Which, may be your thing, but in this spread I wanted a sprayed look. Now for the fun part – the spray! Give your watercolour sprays a good shake. Hold the spray bottle about 6-8 inches from the page and start spritzing. Don’t be shy; go for it! Mix and match colours for a vibrant look. Remember, there are no mistakes in art – just happy accidents!

Cardstock Layering and Adding Details

Once you've covered the areas with your desired colours, carefully let your page dry and voilà! You’ve got a beautiful page of sprayed colours that looks intentional. If you want more layers, wait for the first few sprays to dry, then repeat the process with different colours, and you could even use stencils!

Before you move on, let your pages dry completely. Patience, my friends, patience. Once dry, I brought in some cardstock scraps from a previous project and used torn paper-edged scissors to cut different shapes out. Then, I layered the cardstock onto my planner spread using double-sided tape and then began to take one of the larger washi border scenes from the Floral Explosion bullet journal kit and cut it so that it had a bit of a torn paper look to it. Once that sticker was positioned, everything fell into place very easily.

Adding Stickers and Finishing Touches

I added some of my favorite bullet journal black and white stickers. Did you know that you can colour these stickers with your favourite markers and pens? Coluring is so therapeutic, so I just love adding a little colour to my stickers.

To add texture to the overall layout, I peeled up portions of the cardstock and used my tweezers to make tiny rips and tears. I really love this look, but you have to remember that it can make the opposite page of your planner a little bumpy. So, plan for that (pun intended!).

Foiled Stickers for a Little Glam

Next, for a little added shimmer and sparkle, I used a whole bunch of foiled stickers, including arrows, borders, flourishes, abstract shapes, dragonflies, and more! You can also add stickers, doodles, or handwritten notes to make your spread even more personal and unique. 

For the final touches, I used the tiny little foiled dots from the abstract foiled sheet and added them to the flower centers to make those flowers pop! Then I flipped over my page, removed the washi tape that was holding both pages together, and cut through the pieces that were attached.

Finally, I grabbed my trusty Happy Planner page punch and punched disc holes into the pages so that they could fit perfectly into my current planner.

Share Your Creative Planning Journey

And there you have it! A stunning watercolour spray art planner spread that's sure to brighten your day every time you open your planner. Happy creating and remember to tag us on social in your beautiful creations! 🌈✨

Watch the Step-by-Step Process

For a more detailed guide, watch my YouTube video where I show the entire process step by step. It's packed with tips and tricks to help you master this technique!
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