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Stickers & Stencils: The Perfection Planner Spread Combination

Stickers & Stencils: The Perfection Planner Spread Combination

Stickers & Stencils: The Perfection Planner Spread Combination

Embrace Your Creative Side in Planning & Gratitude Journaling

Hey there, wonderful planner enthusiasts! Are you ready to add a dash of creativity and personal touch to your daily planner pages? Let’s jump into creating a stunning daily gratitude journal spread that’s not only functional but also a feast for the eyes. Perfect for both seasoned bullet journal aficionados and those new to the world of decorative planning, this tutorial will guide you through using vibrant stickers and thoughtful layouts to capture your daily highlights.

Gathering Your Creative Tools: Essential Art Materials for Planner Spreads

Before we dive into the creative process, let's ensure you have all the essentials at hand:

  1. High-Quality Cardstock. I prefer the Staples 110 lb Whisper White Cardstock. It’s the perfect canvas for your colourful markers, ensuring no bleed-through and a pristine background for your artwork.
  2. Vibrant Markers and Special Scissors. Grab your Tombo Markers for that rich colour pop and jagged scissors to give your functional boxes an edgy, stamped look. The ones I used in this layout are the Stamp Edge scissors by Fiskars .
  3. Circles Stencils and Stylish Stickers. Utilize circle stencils for flawlessly round shapes. I used the Floral Explosion sticker kit for this vibrant, paint drip look. 


Dive into our beautiful floral stickers and Gratitude Prompt Stickers to add both functionality and flair to your planner pages. To make my journaling page a little extra, I layered on the beautiful rainbow foiled florals from our A New Beginning scene sticker kit. I think these stickers are perfect for a touch of sparkle that catches the eye and elevates your bullet journal layout.

Crafting Your Journal Layout: A Visual Guide to Sticker Placement

Let’s put those craft and planning materials to work and start building your gratitude journal spread.

  1. Creating the Layout Foundation. Trace and outline various sizes of circles using your stencils. Add a white dashed line in the middle of the circles’ borders with a gel pen for a delightful dimensional effect. 
  2. Functional Boxes with Flair. Create and cut out your own functional boxes with your favourite scissors using aqua blue cardstock. For a clean, layered look, use double-sided tape to attach white cardstock cutouts on top of the aqua blue cardstock. This layering technique not only adds depth but also a fun visual contrast. 
  3. Decorative Touches: Sticker Layering Techniques. Embellish the edges of your functional frames with decorative stickers from our Floral Explosion Sticker Kit or from your favourite sticker pack. I used the paint drip borders to creatively frame the top and bottom of these functional areas, as I found that the white frames were a little bland. 
  4. Floral Focal Features. Once you've anchored the bottom right corner of your page with your favourite floral washi border, add pretty rainbow-foiled florals for a delicate but luxurious feel.  
  5. Setting Up for Success: Gratitude and Planning Prompts. Adhere your Gratitude Prompt Stickers onto the page where you plan to write. Or, you can use these prompts as extra sticker decoration like I did with, "Today's Highlight." Gone are the days when stickers have to be lined up and positioned perfectly. There's so much beauty in creating a planner spread that has randomly placed stickers and elements. Scripts and quotes are great ways to break up a page and add a little pop! I also really like gratitude prompts to encourage daily reflections in my planner or bullet journal. These prompts are not just decorative; they’re stepping stones to a more mindful and organized day. 

Customizing Your Planner Spread Making It Uniquely Yours

Tailor your layout to suit your style by experimenting with different marker colours, stickers and how you place them on the page as well as even the shapes of your functional frames and circles. Personalization is key in making your planner truly your own.

Overcoming Design Challenges: Tips for a Smooth Creative Process

If you’re unsure about the placement of your stickers or the overall design of your page, start with a light pencil sketch. This approach allows for adjustments before committing to ink and stickers, providing flexibility as you finalize your design.

Celebrate Your Creativity and Share It

You’ve created a personalized daily gratitude journal that’s both beautiful and beneficial. This process isn’t just about organization—it’s about enjoying the artistic journey and celebrating every little victory of your day. I love daily gratitude spreads because they help me remember the happy moments when I need that little boost of positivity. I'd love to see how you used our stickers in your planner or bullet journal, so please join our VIP Facebook group and share your masterpiece!

Share Your Artistic Journey: Inspire and Connect

Proud of what you’ve created? Share your custom planner spread on your social media account(s) and tag us! Let’s inspire a wave of creativity within our planner and bullet journal community. Your artwork could be the spark that ignites someone else’s creative fire!
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