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Soaring Scene Sticker Kit PWM Tutorial

Soaring Scene Sticker Kit PWM Tutorial

Soaring Scene Sticker Kit PWM Tutorial

Make this a soaring week with the new Soaring planner scene sticker kit that features eight sheets, including one foil overlay sticker sheet featuring cute cloud hand drawn artwork. Although this kit was made for the spring and summer months, you can also use this kit for birthday spreads. If you love the look and want to use it during the fall and winter months, you could add some cute snowflakes from the One of a Kind winter scene sticker kit or this pretty leaf foil overlay sticker sheet.

One of my favourite parts of this kit is that it's a super easy one to start with if you haven't used planner scene sticker kits yet. There is no layering required in the design, just your trusty whiteout roller because you'll definitely need it to create a sky and cloud-like effect in your weekly spread. Let's get started!

Headers, Days of Week, & Full Boxes

When you watch my PWM, you'll notice that I didn't start with adding full boxes. In fact, I actually added the headers and then the days of the week first. But, given that I like to remove the coloured headers in my Erin Condren planner with my whiteout roller to create a cleaner look, I recommend starting by placing down your days of the week or header stickers. This will ensure your full boxes line up properly, unlike mine here (oops!).

Soaring Planner Sticker Kit for the Erin Condren & Happy Planner

Cloud Washi 

The two cloud washi strips that come with the full kit are literally a reverse of one another to create a better flowing cloud scene. Given that this is a scene kit, I always recommend placing the washi down first without removing the actual stickers. This will help you better line them up in your planner and illustrate where you're going to need to use your whiteout roller.

Cloud Washi Strips

In the image above you can see that I have the sticker sheet on the left lined up so that I can see underneath it what I'm going to need to erase. On the right-side of my planner, I've used my whiteout roller to erase the parts of my planner that will show through above the clouds.

I'm actually thinking of creating plain white strips for the washi section and full box sections above where the scene will be created so that you can't see the whiteout roller marks as much. What do you think? If you like this idea,please let me know and I'll add them to my shop.

Soaring Planner Scene Sticker Kit for Erin Condren & Happy Planner

Once you have both washi strips on your planner, you'll also want to remove the additional headers on the left and right so that you have room to create your cloud scene. 

Full Boxes

Of course, if you read above you'll remember that I should have placed the full boxes down before I placed my headers down, so you'll see a bit of a gap between where the cloud full box stickers are placed and where my header stickers reside. 

Sky & Cloud Full Box Stickers

But, remember that it's okay to make mistakes. This is meant to be fun, so playing around and learning is part of how we improve as planner artists! :)

Hot Air Balloons & To Do Lists

I worked on adding the hot air balloons and the to do lists at the same time so that I could better plan out my spread and ensure I still had room to write. If you've seen my spreads in the past, you'll know that I tend to be a no whitespace planner and end up using a ton of art deco all of the time. I guess that's the reason why I have so many planners: I use too many stickers, ha ha!

 Hot Air Balloon Planner Stickers

Final Steps

The Last steps to this hot air balloon planner sticker scene is to add your other functional stickers, like half and quarter boxes, trackers, and anything else that will help keep you working towards your goals.

Soaring Planner Scene Sticker Kit

Once I've finished my planner spreads, I like to photograph them as a flat lay to make the spread more inviting. Here's the final look after I've Photoshop'd the heck out of it to make the colours consistent in saturation and brightness and after I've had a little fun with paper crafts and added a cloud background. What do you think?

Spring & Summer Erin Condren & Happy Planner Stickers

If you want to add some pretty foiled scripts, you should check out our collection of scripts and icons that can also be added to this kit. I'm a bit of a pastel fanatic, so the majority of our art deco stickers will also coordinate well with this kit.

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Happy planning!

Lana Winterfield

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