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Paradise Island Scene Sticker Kit PWM Tutorial

Paradise Island Scene Sticker Kit PWM Tutorial

Paradise Island Scene Sticker Kit PWM Tutorial

Who enjoys a sunny beach vacation?! If you love the white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters of paradise, then this island planner scene sticker kit is just what your planner needs. Get the full scoop below on how to create this beachy scene in your planner.

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Aqua Blue Water Days of the Week Stickers

Adding the days of the week headers is the first step to creating your planner scene spread. These wavy headers are kiss-cut and create movement in your planner. Can you feel the wave?!

 Paradise Island Scene Sticker Kit PWM Tutorial Days of Week Stickers

Blue Wave Headers

Before I apply the headers to any planner spread, I usually white out the top row of headers so that the curved corner of the top header row doesn't show through. In this video, you'll notice that I added the top two rows and then didn't add the third row on the right side of the planner spread until the end. This is because I was planning to add more art deco stickers but changed my mind once the bottom scene was in place. So, please feel free to add the quantity that fits your style best!

Paradise Island Scene Sticker Kit PWM Tutorial Header Stickers

Right Washi Scene

The first step to creating the beach scene in the bottom right of your planner is to lay down the beach and water washi. 

Paradise Island Scene Sticker Kit PWM Tutorial Beach & Ocean Washi Strip

Once the beach is in place, you will need to place the mountain washi strip at the top of the ocean sticker. Make sure you place the mountain sticker directly above the beach washi, without a space, so that it looks like the mountains are blending into the background.

Paradise Island Scene Sticker Kit PWM Tutorial Mountain Sticker

Layering the Rocks, Palm Trees, & Wooden Directional Sign

When adding the rock scene, I recommend first applying the left rocks as well as the small single rock next to the left rock.  This will help you to begin to see the dimensions in your planner scene.

Paradise Island Scene Sticker Kit PWM Tutorial Rock Stickers

After the left-hand side rocks are applied, you can add the larger palm tree stickers to the right. I placed mine just below where the water meets the beach. In this photo, you can see that the palm trees have a white background. The background is in place to make it easy for you to peel the stickers off without tearing them. If you don't like the white background, you can easily cut it out. 

Now comes the fun! I love layering stickers, so I'm going to show you below how to layer the different art deco elements onto the right-side of your planner spread.

I find that the easiest way to layer elements is to peel each sticker from its respective sheet and then layer them in my hand first. That way I don't need to worry about peeling off stickers if I accidentally place them in the wrong location.

In the below image, you can see that I've taken the sign sticker and then gently adhered it to the left-side of the rocks. Once you're happy with the placement of stickers, you can place them onto the beach and water washi strip and on top of the palm trees.

Paradise Island Scene Sticker Kit PWM Tutorial Ocean Rock Stickers

Paradise Island Scene Sticker Kit PWM Tutorial How To Layer Stickers

Once the rocks are in place, you can add the cute flip flops and sea shells.

Left Washi Scene

There are two different methods you can use to create the left washi scene. The first one (I find this the easiest) is to peel off both the beach and grassy hill scene as well as the cloud scene. Once you have both in your hands, you can use your fingers to position the clouds and sky scene behind the beach and grassy hill scene.

The second way to position these two washi strips is to very gently place the beach and grassy hill washi down first but to use your tweasers to lift the top portion of the each and grass washi so that it doesn't stick to the page. You can then slip the sky washi in behind the beach and grassy hill washi.

Both methods will work; the best one with depend on some playing around with the stickers.

Paradise Island Scene Sticker Kit PWM Tutorial Sticker Layering

Paradise Island Scene Sticker Kit PWM Tutorial Hill & Beach Washi Stickers

Left Spread Art Deco Stickers

The last step to finishing the left-side of your spread is to add the art deco stickers. These include the beach chair, umbrella, surf board, life saver ring, beach ball, and the many palm trees. Get creative because adding the art deco sticker elements are so much fun!

Paradise Island Plan With Me Video Tutorial Art Deco Stickers

Full Boxes Photo Stickers & Functional Stickers (the final touches!)

The final step to finishing your Paradise Island planner scene sticker spread is in applying the summer full box photo stickers as well as the functional stickers, like to do lists and half boxes and trackers, to help you plan your week!

For my spread, I opted for the rich orange citrus stickers, like the star fish and the tropical Pina Colada drink. And, I can tell you that after I finish this blog, I'm definitely making myself a cool and icy Pina Colada!

Paradise Island Planner Scene Sticker Kit

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Questions? Feel free to connect with me if you need support.

Happy Planning!

Lana Winterfield

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