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Cherry Blossom Bliss Scene Sticker Kit PWM Tutorial

Cherry Blossom Bliss Scene Sticker Kit PWM Tutorial

Cherry Blossom Bliss Scene Sticker Kit PWM Tutorial

The Cherry Blossom Bliss scene sticker kit is a lovely pastel spring and summer planner kit that pays tribute to those stunning Japanese cherry blossoms that bloom each year. Get this sticker scene in your weekly spread using the Plan With Me video as well as the tutorial notes below.

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Days of the Week 

The days of the week headers in this kit have beautiful cherry blossoms peeking out from the right side of each sticker and are kiss cut for a unique header to your planner spread! Apply these sticker first to frame your spread.

Cherry Blossom Days of Week Stickers

Grab Your White-Out Roller & Header Stickers

For the cleanest look, I recommend using your trusty white-out roller and whiting out the top row of headers as well as the third row for where you'll lay your scene. Once you've done that, lay down those pretty cherry blossom headers!

Cherry Blossom Bliss Scene Sticker Kit Header Stickers

Right Washi Scene

I designed this kit for easy assembly, so there are only a few layers on the right side of your planner spread. The first layer is your grassy greenery scene. Once that's firmly in place, you can add the cobblestone bridge. You'll see an outline on the grass washi that's in the shape of the bridge, which will make it easy to position the bridge in the correct location. Once the bridge is in place, you can add the pretty cherry blossom tree and layer it just slightly over top of the bridge to create a truly romantic scene!

Cherry Blossom Bliss Scene Sticker Kit Right Grass Washi Strip

Cherry Blossom Bliss Scene Sticker Kit Bridge & Cherry Blossom Art Deco

Left Washi Scene (Get Ready to Layer!)

There are three main parts to the left washi before the art deco can be applied. This includes the grassy scene, the mountain, and the moon. When assembling this part of your planner scene, remember to use a light touch so that you can easily remove and reapply the stickers if you make a mistake. 

In the image below, you'll see that I've actually pulled off both the grass washi and the mountain sticker from their respective sheets and then positioned the mountain sticker behind the grass washi with a light touch. This process makes it much easier to correctly apply these two elements. 

Mountain & Grassy Scene Washi Strips

Before you press down hard on these two stickers, remember that you still need to add the moon behind the mountain. What I recommend is very gently adhering these two stickers onto the left base of your planner spread and then keeping the top third of the mountain lifted from the page.

Once you have some space behind the mountain, you can slowly slide in the moon sticker so that it peeks out on the left side of the mountain.

Cherry Blossom Bliss Scene Sticker Kit Laying the Moon & Mountain

Cherry Blossom Bliss Scene Sticker Kit Mountain & Moon Stickers

Left Art Deco to Beautify your Spread

Once you've got the moon, mountain, and grass elements positioned how you'd like, the next step is to add the fun art deco elements! These include the pretty cherry blossom tree, wishing well, clouds, birds, and the mini trees. Feel free to get creative and organize these elements however you wish!

Cherry Blossom Bliss Scene Sticker Kit Art Deco Stickers

Full Boxes & Functional Stickers

To avoid any planner sheet elements from bleeding through into your pretty scene, I usually use my white-out roller to remove the top-left Erin Condren monthly graphic. 

Once this is done, I like to add in a full box in its place and then begin adding the other full boxes to the first row in my planner spread. For this Plan With Me video, I decided to add a little shimmer by using two of the silver foil overlays that come with the full kit.

Cherry Blossom Bliss Scene Sticker Kit Full Box Stickers 

The last step to finishing this planner sticker scene spread is adding your functional stickers so that you can plan and track and keep yourself organized! Take a peek at my final spread below.

Cherry Blossom Bliss Scene Sticker Kit

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Happy planning!

Lana Winterfield

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