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Baker's Delight Scene Sticker Kit PWM Tutorial

Baker's Delight Scene Sticker Kit PWM Tutorial

Baker's Delight Scene Sticker Kit PWM Tutorial

Baking bring backs so many happy and fun memories in the kitchen with my mom, which is what inspired this Baker's Delight planner scene sticker kit for my shop. If you'd like reminisce on sweet memories from your childhood or want to get your kids excited about baking in the kitchen, check out this short 20-second video on how I laid out these stickers in my planner to create this fun spread!

Indulge in sweetness today! Grab your baking tools, adorable cookie cutters, and creative ideas. Transform your planner into a delectable scene with our versatile kit. Craft your baker's dream spread in any planner size. Everything you need for the charming design in the featured image is included. Sweeten your planner now!

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Step-By-Step Guide (Left Side of Planner)

  1. Place the shorter black and white floor washi at the base of your planner.
  2. Position the pink and white striped wallpaper so that it sits directly above the floor washi. You shouldn't have any white space between the floor washi and the wallpaper (it should be connected).
  3. Layer on the bakery cake scene (no pun intended!) on the right edge your left planner spread and position the base of this sticker so that it's located at the bottom of the washi (you shouldn't see the washi underneath).
  4. Add the fire place deco on top of the bakery glass counter and then add the cupcake display to the far right edge of the bakery counter.
  5. Layer the cash register on top of the bakery counter, so that it's position on top of the right-side of the fireplace and covers a very small portion of left-side of the cupcake display.
  6. Layer on the table and chairs deco approximately 1/4" above the base of the floor washi.
  7. Above the table and chairs, place the menu board and centre it horizontally across the table.
  8. Add the table top with the tiered cake between the table and chairs and the bakery display.

Step-By-Step Guide (Right Side of Planner)

  1. Place the larger black and white floor washi horizontally on the bottom of the right side of your planner.
  2. Layer on the large kitchen sticker so that the longest part of this sticker (right side) is positioned 1/4" above the bottom of the washi.
  3. Add the pretty macaroon apron to the right edge of the kitchen. It should look like it's hanging on the side wall of the cupboard.
  4. Add the above the stove sticker underneath the hood vent.
  5. Layer on the two small towels onto the stove handle so they look like they're hanging from the stove.
  6. Add your kitchen deco how you wish (cupcake stand, utensils, mixer, cookie tray, blender, cookies boxes, tiered cupcake stand, etc.).
  7. Add on the rest of your functional and full box stickers as you wish.

Happy planning!

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