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Planner Girls United Fall Sale

Planner Girls United Fall Sale

Planner Girls United Fall Sale

With a new season nearly upon us, it means it's time for a new planner collab sale! This September 18-20, I'll be participating in the Planner Girls United sale hosted by the amazing Jodi (IG: @JodiCake), who also happens to be my Shop Manager! I love this sale as there are both veteran and new shops who participate, so there are lot's of chances to learn something new and to support your local favourite sticker shops. Most of the participating shops offer a variety of planner products, including stickers, paper clips, die cuts, and more!

Shop Sale Discount Details

During this fun fall sale, my shop will be offering 30% off all planner products (stickers, die cuts, and paper clips), so get your carts ready because there are lots of pretty fall and winter planner sticker kits that you'll have available to purchase! And, if you don't have you Halloween planner spreads ready yet, you'll definitely want to check out our Halloween collection of stickers.

Give Me The Discount Code, Please!

With only a couple of weeks away until the big sale, you'll be able to find the discount code on my shop's Instagram page here, the Winterfield Studios Facebook page and group, as well as on my Etsy shop. But, if you want the best deal, shop on my website here as the base prices are better and you'll have access to more products.

Win a Total of $229 in Shop Credit from 11 Amazing Shops

One of my favourite parts about a collab sale is the chance to win extra goodies from multiple shops. It's a great time to test out shops you haven't previously purchased from and to get more stickers during the sale.

This September, I'm participating in Loot #1 with so many other incredible shops. Make sure you hop over to my Instagram account to get the full scoop on what you need to do to enter into this exciting giveaway!

Get Your Hands on 7 Stackable Freebies During the Sale!

Planner Girls United Sale Freebies

This sale I wanted to change it up a bit and offer a full mini kit as part of the tiered (and stackable) freebies so that you would end up with an entire kit at the end if you reach all tier levels. I thought this would be a great way to make it easier for you to create a full planner spread out of the freebies. On top of this, I've also used the same colour palette in the Autumn Harvest planner kit, so that you can mix and match more fall stickers and goodies during the sale.

With fall colours just being so stunning and vibrant, the mini kit freebies feature the colours of fall with hand-drawn illustrations of leaves and florals, a cute little hedgehog that you won't be able to resist, and lovely forest and nature photography in autumn colours.

Check out the details below to get the full scoop on this sale's tiered and stackable freebies.

Note: All prices are in Canadian and tiered levels are reached after the discount code is applied and before shipping and taxes. If you shop on my website, freebies will automatically be added to your cart when you reach a new tier level.

  1. Grab bags, from various shops, for the first 20 purchases at my shop (any value)
  2. All purchases will receive the icon sampler
  3. All purchases over $15 will receive the script sampler (+ #2)
  4. All purchase over $30 will receive the washi strips and date covers (+#2 & #3)
  5. All purchases over $50 will receive the functional sheet and full boxes, which will complete the mini kit  (+#2 & #3 & #4)
  6. All purchases over $60 will receive the cute hedgehog die cut (+#2 & #3 & #4 & #5)
  7. All orders that mention the September secret code (join our FB group to get this code) will receive our September four full box sheet FREE!

#2: Icon Sticker Sampler

 Icons Sampler Sticker Sheet

#3: Script Sticker Sampler

Script Sampler Sticker Sheet

#4: Washi Strips & Date Cover Stickers

Fall Washi Strips & Fall Date Covers

#5: Functional Box Stickers & Fall Full Box Stickers (2 sheets)

Functional Fall Stickers

Fall & Autumn Full Box Photo Stickers

#6: Hedgehog Die Cut

Hedgehog Die Cut

For a little planner spread inspiration, check out my planner spread below that I created using this sale's freebies. All of the freebies combined will make up a full mini kit, and I hope my spread inspires your own creativity and that you'll consider my shop during the 30% off sale. To add a little extra dimension to this spread, I layered in the Purple City Reprise floral art deco stickers, which I think gives it a nice touch.

Planner Girls United Collab Sale Freebie Planner Spread


A Huge Thank You to The Sale Organizer!

It is such a pleasure to have Jodi (IG: @JodiCake) manage this sale as she is an absolute planner guru, and I'm truly excited to have the opportunity to participate in my fourth Planner Girls United Sale! Thank you, Jodi!

Jodi does an excellent job of supporting all of the participating shops and making this a fun and collaborative sale where we all have an opportunity to get to know each shop manager better and be exposed to bonus chances of increasing our shop's exposure to the planner community. If you've never purchased from or participated in a collab sale, I highly recommend Jodi's sale as you'll get all of the ins and outs of how it works and have a great experience. 

Sale Questions?

If you have any burning sale questions, please feel free to reach out to me here.


Lana Winterfield

Winterfield Studios

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