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April 2020 Reflections & The Start of My Bullet Journal Journey

April 2020 Reflections & The Start of My Bullet Journal Journey

April 2020 Reflections & The Start of My Bullet Journal Journey

Happy Easter Sunday, friends! I hope you're all staying safe and well amidst the challenges we've all been facing these past few months. I never could have imagined at the end of 2019 that 2020 would have started this way. But, I guess no one really could have predicted this situation with COVID-19 and how it has all unfolded. What's very strange is that we're all affected by this. The entire world. Every city and every country. We all know someonea family member or a friend or a friend of a friendwho has contracted this terrible virus. It's a little odd to think that this has united us to work together to stay safe and to protect those whom we love. Rarely do you see an event like this happen in history, and I hope this is the last time something like this occurs. 

How are you all coping with these challenges? With sickness, lost jobs, self-isolation, loneliness, and so much uncertainty, I'm sure I'm not alone when I write that I've been looking for an escape to lift my spirits and to help me refocus on what's good in my life because there is a lot in which I should be thankful. But, I sure could use another coping mechanism, and this is where my new bullet journal helped me get back on the right path.

Last September 28, I attended and had the privilege of sponsoring the Planners Gonna Plan planner conference, and I had a blast! I met so many new planner friends, and I just felt pure joy celebrating a special event with the planner community. I was very proud to not only sponsor a table but to also be one of the media sponsors. Here's a few photos and a video from the event.

 Planners Gonna Plan Canadian Conference PGP Conference

Planners Gonna Plan Canadian Conference PGP Conference

Planners Gonna Plan Canadian Conference PGP Conference Winterfield Studios Media Sponsor

Planners Gonna Plan Canadian Conference PGP Conference Planner Table Sponsor

At this conference, we were blessed with tons of fairy drops! If you don't know what a fairy drop is, think of it in terms of people who surprise you at an event and hand out very special gifts. In this case, I'm talking about a bullet journal that was donated by Filofax, the Diamond Sponsor for this fun event. 

Since I received this bullet journal, I've been aching to start journaling for a while now (clearly because it's six months later!), but I honestly didn't really know where to begin. The format of a bullet journal is wide open—a blank canvas, if you may. So I found those tiny little dots all over each page to be a bit intimidating. Anyone with me? I'm an avid Erin Condren Life Planner lover as well as a Happy Planner fan, which are planners that have structure to them. There are boxes and sections of content that guide you through the process of planning. A bullet journal is the exact opposite. You have complete creative freedom over your pages. And, this can be a little scary if you don't where to start or even what you want in your bullet journal.

But, as I began, I noticed that I really didn't need much of a plan other than having a colour scheme and an overall theme in mind (bunnies). So, I started of small—with the main page (does it have an official name?). My drawings began with a pencil outline, and then I filled each drawing in with a thin pen (nothing fancy here!) and markers. It sure helped that I had one of my cute little shop bunny die cuts left over from a previous planner sale I participated in, so I very carefully adhered double-sided tape to the cute bunnies and pasted them onto the bottom of my bullet journal.

It felt really good to just let go and let my ideas flow. Keep in mind that this was my very first attempt at bullet journaling, so I know I have lots to learn. Regardless, it was a great creative escape for me.

If you're finding yourself feeling a little cooped up and unsettled about the future, give bullet journaling a try. You don't need a plan, just some felt markers in happy colours to lift your spirits. And, if you want to decorate your journal with some fun stickers, check out my art deco stickers here. I'm also planning on using some of my planner scene stickers for future bullet journal designs.

Stay tuned to see more of my new bullet journal spreads!

Happy planning and stay safe!

Lana Winterfield

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