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Summer Vibes Bullet Journal Sticker Kit

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🌸Dive into the effervescent charm of summer with our "Summer Vibes Bullet Journal Sticker Kit", designed to bring the happy, carefree spirit of the season directly to your planner or journal. This meticulously crafted nine-page kit is brimming with summer-themed delights, rendered in stunning watercolour that captures the essence of joy and relaxation. 🌻

🌞 What’s Inside:

  • Diverse Imagery: From a charming rainbow Volkswagen Bug to cooling popsicles and from blooming sunflowers to a whimsical mushroom home, each sticker tells a story of summer. The sheets also feature delightful ice cream cones, colourful tie-dye shirts, and playful roller skates, allowing you to decorate with dynamic and cheerful motifs.
  • Floral Elegance: Adorn your pages with exquisitely detailed roses, regal lilies, and bright sunflowers, each painted with a lifelike touch that seems to bloom right off your journal.
  • Refreshing Delights: Enjoy stickers of a delicious strawberry shake and a juicy slice of watermelon, perfect for adding a sweet touch to your summer planning pages.
  • Buzzing with Life: The kit wouldn’t be complete without our adorable bee sticker, bringing a touch of nature and buzz to your crafts.

🌈 Why You'll Love It:

  • Versatility and Utility: Beyond their beauty, this Canadian sticker kit includes functional elements like days of the week in stylish fonts, colourful washi borders, and a variety of decorative frames and boxes to organize and brighten your plans.
  • Inspiring and Creative: Each sticker, from the vibrant flora to the nostalgic Volkswagen, is designed to inspire creativity and joy, turning every journaling session into a delightful celebration of summer.

Embrace the warmth of summer with every piece in our "Summer Vibes Bullet Journal Sticker Kit". Whether you’re mapping out holiday adventures, tracking daily joys, or just enhancing your scrapbook, these stickers invite you to express yourself with a splash of seasonal magic. Perfect for planners, bullet journals, and even custom greeting cards, this kit is your gateway to capturing the essence of a bright, blooming summer.

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  • The bottom left rollerskate sticker on Sheet 1 is approximately 2.307" w by 2.08" h
  • The bottom left window scene sticker on Sheet 2 is approximately 2.85" w by 3.00" h
  • The rose cluster on Sheet 3 is approximately 3.52" w by 4.51" h
  • The left floral cluster sticker on Border Sheet 1 is approximately 4.14" w by 3.01" h
  • The right leaf cluster on Border Sheet 2 is approximately 4.61" w by 3.12" h 
  • The top torn paper sticker stretching the entire horizontal portion on sticker Sheet 3 is approximately 4.43" w by 0.58" h
  • Each date dot on Sheet 3 is approximately 0.25" w by 0.25" h
  • The top left functional sticker on the Functional Sheet 1 is approximately 2.23" w by 1.95" h
  • The top left functional sticker on the Functional Sheet 2 is approximately 2.93" w by 2.49" h
  • The bottom left hexagon on the Functional Sheet 3 is approximately 2.42" w by 2.12" h
  • The top left circle on the Functional Sheet 3 is approximately 0.75" w by 0.75" h
  • Kiss-cut and ready-to-use

Premium Matte White Sticker Paper (permanent) for toner printers.  

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