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Quaint Homes & Shops Bullet Journal Sticker Kit

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🏡 Quaint Homes & Shops Bullet Journal Sticker Kit

Immerse yourself in the charming world of rustic homes, cozy cabins, and scenic Mediterranean views with our "Quaint Homes & Shops" Bullet Journal Sticker Kit. This delightful collection spans 11 sticker sheets, brimming with watercolour stickers that capture the essence of quaint architecture and serene landscapes. 🎨

🛍️ Each sticker is a miniature artwork, featuring detailed illustrations of rustic homes, charming shops, serene cabin lake scenes, and the iconic whitewashed homes of Santorini, Greece. These stickers are perfect for adding a touch of nostalgia and warmth to your planners, journals, or scrapbooks. 

🌍 Why Love This Kit?

  • Versatile Decor: Adorn your bullet journal pages, scrapbook layouts, or personal diaries with stickers that bring a sense of calm and charm.
  • Functional Planning: Use these stickers to mark special occasions, track daily life, or simply decorate your weekly spreads in a planner.
  • Memory Keeping: Perfect for journaling trips, memorable outings, or everyday life in a visually appealing way.

🏖️ How to Use This Kit:

  • Travel Journaling: Document your adventures in quaint towns or scenic spots by embellishing your entries with our stickers.
  • Home & Lifestyle Themes: Ideal for decorating pages related to home renovations, shopping lists, or daily routines with a picturesque twist.
  • Creative Crafting: Elevate craft projects by incorporating stickers into invitations, homemade cards, or other DIY creations.

📖 This sticker kit isn't just a collection; it's a gateway to storytelling. Whether you're planning a trip, capturing memories, or simply beautifying your day-to-day entries, these stickers offer a unique blend of artistry and utility. 🌿

🌟 Perfect for anyone who loves detailed and thematic planning, our "Quaint Homes & Shops" kit is designed to inspire and enhance your journaling and scrapbooking experiences. Dive into a world of quaint charm with each sticker, and let your creative planning shine!

Unlock the charm of quaint homes and shops in your next creative project—grab this kit today and start transforming your pages into picturesque masterpieces! 🎨

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  • The bottom right sticker on Sheet 1 is approximately 2.87" w by 2.15" h
  • The top left sticker on Sheet 2 is approximately 2.22" w by 1.89" h
  • The bottom left sticker on Sheet 3 is approximately 2.43" w by 2.91" h
  • The top left sticker on Sheet 4 is approximately 2.17" w by 2.11" h
  • The top left sticker on Sheet 5 is approximately 2.96" w by 2.82" h
  • The washi scene stickers are each approximately 5.98" w by 2.96" h
  • The top torn paper sticker stretching the entire horizontal portion on sticker Sheet 3 is approximately 4.43" w by 0.58" h
  • Each date dot on Sheet 3 is approximately 0.25" w by 0.25" h
  • The top left functional sticker on the Functional Sheet 1 is approximately 2.23" w by 1.95" h
  • The top left functional sticker on the Functional Sheet 2 is approximately 2.93" w by 2.49" h
  • The bottom left hexagon on the Functional Sheet 3 is approximately 2.42" w by 2.12" h
  • The top left circle on the Functional Sheet 3 is approximately 0.75" w by 0.75" h
  • Kiss-cut and ready-to-use

Premium Matte White Sticker Paper (permanent) for toner printers.  

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