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Pastel Watercolour Animal Dreams Scrapbook & Bullet Journal Sticker Kit

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🦉 Whimsical Dreams Awaken with Watercolour Animal Stickers!

Prepare to embark on a journey of creativity with our "Pastel Watercolour Animal Dreams Scrapbook & Bullet Journal Sticker Kit." This expansive 12-page sticker kit is a treasure trove for scrapbooking and bullet journaling aficionados who adore the gentle charm of watercolour animals against captivating paint drip backgrounds. Delight in the company of a delightful menagerie, including an owl, deer, elephant, swans, raccoon, elk, mouse, fox, bunny, and a bird, each brought to life with intricate artistry. The kit also features breathtaking watercolour florals, boasting pretty purples, pinks, cream, peach, sage green, and teal hues, adding a touch of elegance to your layouts. To keep your days impeccably organized, the kit includes functional boxes, frames, and tags adorned with stunning florals and verdant greenery accents. For an added layer of artistic charm, give your planner spreads and bullet journal pages a scrapbook-inspired look and feel with tearable paper elements that can be arranged for a delightful layering effect.

Kit Highlights:

🦉 Enchanting Animals: Immerse yourself in the magical world of watercolour animals, featuring a charming cast of characters.

🖼️ Multifaceted Elements: Explore a diverse range of stickers, including watercolour florals, functional boxes, frames, and tearable paper for layering.

🌸 Floral Elegance: Adorn your layouts with breathtaking watercolour florals in an array of delightful hues.

🎨 Creative Freedom: Express your unique style with stickers that cater to a multitude of layouts, from scrapbook-inspired designs to meticulously organized spreads.

Why Choose "Pastel Watercolour Animal Dreams Scrapbook & Bullet Journal Sticker Kit"?

🦉 Unleash your creativity with a 12-page sticker kit that brings watercolour animals to life in whimsical detail. 🖼️ Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these stickers offer multifaceted elements that enhance your scrapbooking and bullet journaling adventures. 🌸 Perfect for those who seek a diverse range of stickers to create layouts filled with enchantment and elegance. 🎨 Elevate your planning journey with a delightful cast of animals and the timeless beauty of watercolour florals.

Kit Includes:

  • 12 Pages of Watercolour Animal and Floral Stickers
  • A Charming Menagerie: Owl, Deer, Elephant, Swans, Raccoon, Elk, Mouse, Fox, Bunny, Bird
  • Stunning Watercolour Florals: Purples, Pinks, Cream, Peach, Sage Green, Teal

Create planner, scrapbook, or journal spreads that capture the essence of whimsical dreams, where each sticker tells a story in your creative masterpiece. Whether you're commemorating cherished moments, expressing your artistic side, or simply embracing the enchantment of watercolour animals and florals, the "Pastel Watercolour Animal Dreams Scrapbook & Bullet Journal Sticker Kit" will transform your planning journey into a canvas of whimsy. Order now and let your pages come alive with the magic of watercolour! 🦉📓🌸🎨

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  • The top left sticker on Sheet 1 is approximately 1.98" w by 2.03" h
  • The top left sticker on Sheet 2 is approximately 2.03" w by 2.24" h
  • The top left sticker on Sheet 3 is approximately 2.51" w by 2.80" h
  • The top left sticker on Sheet 4 is approximately 4.47" w by 4.15" h
  • The top left sticker on Sheet 5 is approximately 4.46" w by 4.19" h
  • The top left sticker on Sheet 6 is approximately 4.44" w by 4.19" h
  • The bottom left sticker on Sheet 7 is approximately 4.46" w by 2.58" h
  • The top left sticker on Sheet 8 is approximately 2.08" w by 3.61" h
  • The top left sticker on Sheet 9 is approximately 2.08" w by 2.87" h
  • The top left sticker on Sheet 10 is approximately 1.87" w by 2.88" h
  • The top left sticker on Sheet 11 is approximately 2.42" w by 3.03" h
  • The bottom right sticker on Sheet 12 is approximately 3.30" w by 3.72" h
  • Kiss-cut and ready-to-use

    Premium Matte White Sticker Paper (permanent) for toner printers.    

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