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Notebook Lined & Grid Torn Paper Stickers for Bullet Journals & Planning

$50.00 CAD
Type: Art Deco
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✍️ Enhance your journaling experience with our Notebook Lined & Grid Torn Paper Stickers. Perfect for notes, dates, and scrapbook-style layouts. 

Unlock a new level of organization and creativity in your planner or bullet journal with our Notebook Lined & Grid Torn Paper Stickers. This 11-page sticker kit features a variety of realistic torn paper stickers from lined and grid paper packs, designed to add a dynamic and functional twist to your planning.

What’s Inside:

📖 Dive into a selection of beautifully crafted stickers that mimic torn notebook papers, complete with lined and grid designs. These stickers are not only perfect for writing notes and journaling but also bring a fun, scrapbook-like appearance to your pages.

Functional and Fun: These stickers include a variety of rectangle and vertical box shapes, making it easy to integrate diverse functional sticker shapes into your planner. Whether you're jotting down important dates, capturing quick notes, or detailing your daily activities, these stickers make it both stylish and efficient.

Layer for Creativity: 🎨 The torn edges of each sticker not only add a unique visual appeal but also allow for creative layering, giving your planner or bullet journal a textured, multi-dimensional look. Mix and match different stickers for a customized feel that fits your personal style.

Why You’ll Love This Kit:

  • Realistic Paper Designs: Enjoy the authenticity of notebook paper in sticker form.
  • Versatility: Ideal for notes, dates, journaling, and more. 
  • Creative Layering: Use the torn edges for a unique, scrapbook-style layout.
  • Variety of Shapes: Offers flexibility in how you organize and decorate your planner.

Elevate Your Planning Game: Step up your planning with the Notebook Lined & Grid Torn Paper Stickers, and turn your bullet journal or planner into a beautifully organized, visually appealing personal space.

🛍️ Shop Now and bring a touch of creativity and practicality to your everyday planning with every sticker you place!

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  • The top left sticker on Sheet 1 is approximately 2.91" w by 2.31" h
  • The top sticker on Sheet 2 is approximately 4.48" w by 4.03" h
  • The top sticker on Sheet 3 is approximately 4.41" w by 3.97" h
  • The top sticker on Sheet 4 is approximately 4.43" w by 4.04" h
  • The top sticker on Sheet 5 is approximately 4.44" w by 2.13" h
  • The top sticker on Sheet 6 is approximately 6.00" w by 2.02" h
  • The sticker on Sheet 7 is approximately 6.31" w by 3.93" h
  • The top sticker on Sheet 8 is approximately 6.29" w by 2.48" h
  • The top sticker on Sheet 9 is approximately 6.26" w by 1.90" h
  • The top left sticker on Sheet 10 is approximately 2.89" w by 3.86" h
  • The top left sticker on Sheet 11 is approximately 6.19" w by 3.75" h
  • Many of these stickers have white torn edges, which means that the kiss-cut will be done on the outside of that white torn edge
  • Cut to the edge without a kiss-cut and ready-to-use

Premium Matte White Sticker Paper (permanent) 

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My goal is to provide quality handmade planner supplies like stickers, paper clips, die cuts, and dashboards, so I take great pride in designing every little detail of these products. This means that the end product takes several hours of love to finalize from the initial design I draw in Illustrator, or on paper, through to the very last element, including photography. As my products are handmade, please remember that some minor variations may be present in each product. For foiled products, there may be the occasional black spot on the sheet as these stickers are handmade. If you have any questions regarding these variations, please contact me prior to placing your order.

Final sticker colours may vary slightly depending on how your monitor/screen is calibrated and the type of printer I use.