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Dreamy Clouds Art Deco Planner Stickers

$4.99 CAD
Type: Art Deco
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🌈 Add a touch of whimsy to your planner with our Dreamy Clouds Art Deco Planner Stickers. Explore 10 sheets of colourful, fluffy clouds, perfect for any weather. 

🌟 Welcome to the serene skies of our Dreamy Clouds Art Deco Planner Stickers. This kit is your ticket to adding a dreamy, atmospheric touch to your planner or bullet journal with 10 beautifully designed sticker sheets featuring fluffy clouds in stunning colours like rainbow, pink, purple, blue, and grey.

What’s Inside:

Each sheet in the Dreamy Clouds kit captures the ethereal beauty of the skies. Opt for our premium matte sticker paper for a classic look or the transparent sticker paper for a few of the sticker sheets, which is perfect for seamless layering. These options allow you to enhance your planner with stickers that look like true slices of heaven.

Versatility and Beauty: 🌦️ No matter the weather outside, these stickers bring joy and serenity to your pages. From sunny days to cloudy and rainy moods, these stickers are perfect for setting any scene in your planner.

Large Border Washi Scenes: Also included are four large border washi cloud scenes featuring majestic cloud clusters. Positioned perfectly at the top or bottom of your pages, they frame your plans and ideas beautifully, turning each spread into a work of art.

Why You’ll Love This Kit:

  • Diverse Cloud Designs: From serene blues to vibrant rainbows, choose from a wide range of cloud colour stickers.
  • Material Choices: A few sheets are available in both premium matte and transparent sticker papers for creative layering.
  • Decorative: These soft, realistic stickers not only decorate but also evoke moods and themes in your planning.
  • Large Cloud Washi Borders: Ideal for making a bold statement in your planner or journal.

Turn Your Planner Into a Skyline Masterpiece: With the Dreamy Clouds Art Deco Planner Stickers, your journaling and planning will always have a touch of the sublime. Whether you're marking weather, mood, or simply adorning your pages with beauty, these stickers are perfect for anyone who loves a bit of sky in their life.

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  • The top left sticker on Sheet 1 is approximately 2.62" w by 1.73" h
  • The top left sticker on Sheet 2 is approximately 2.58" w by 2.31" h
  • The top sticker on the Pink Cloud Sheet is approximately 4.17" w by 2.43" h
  • The top sticker on the Purple Cloud Sheet is approximately 4.34" w by 2.37" h
  • The top sticker on Blue Cloud Sheet is approximately 4.24" w by 2.34" h
  • The top left sticker on Grey Cloud Sheet is approximately 2.91" w by 2.31" h
  • The border washi sticker on Washi 1 is approximately 6.30" w by 2.96" h
  • The border washi sticker on Washi 2 is approximately 6.24" w by 3.36" h
  • The border washi sticker on Washi 3 is approximately 6.30" w by 2.92" h
  • The border washi sticker on Washi 4 is approximately 6.33" w by 3.14" h
  • Kiss-cut and ready-to-use
  • Premium Matte White Sticker Paper (permanent) 
  • Premium Transparent Matte Sticker Paper (permanent) for the pink, purple, blue, and grey cloud sheets
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