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Pride Month Planner Spread

Celebrate Pride Month with a Vibrant and Creative Daily Planner Spread

Celebrate Pride Month with a Vibrant and Creative Daily Planner Spread

Introduction to a Pride-Inspired Planner Spread

June is Pride Month and today, June 28, Pride day, a time to celebrate and support the 2SLGBTQI+ community. This year, I've created a vibrant and meaningful planner spread to help me keep track of the various Pride events happening in Edmonton, Alberta. Using colourful rainbow functional stickers and cloud stickers, this spread is both beautiful and functional. Let's dive into how you can create a similar spread and bring a touch of Pride to your daily planner.

Materials and Products Used

Creating a visually stunning and bleed-proof planner spread requires the right materials. Here's what I used:

  • 110 lb White Cardstock Paper: This thick paper from Staples ensures that markers and pens don't bleed through to the other side. Sure, it's a heavy stock, but it works!
  • Tombow Markers: These markers provide rich, vibrant colours perfect for creating a rainbow effect.
  • Black Micron Pens: Ideal for outlining and adding fine details to your daily planner spread.
  • Pencil and Eraser: Essential for sketching out designs before committing to ink.
  • Celebrate Your Pride Functional Stickers: These stickers add functional elements and pops of color to the spread.
  • Hand-Drawn Clouds Stickers: Also from my shop, these cloud stickers add a whimsical touch to the layout.

Inspiration Behind the Pride Month Spread

Pride month is a celebration of diversity, inclusivity, and the spectrum of human sexuality and gender. For this spread, I wanted to incorporate the iconic rainbow, which symbolizes the vibrant diversity within the 2SLGBTQI+ community. The rainbow also reflects the range of Pride events I plan to attend, from the Pride Parade to the Telus World of Science Laser Pride event, the Joyful Visions art show, the FRUiTS iN SUiTS Pride Month Patio Mix ‘n’ Mingle, and the Gay Edmonton Pageant.

Creating the Planner Spread

Step-by-Step Planning Process

  1. Sketch the Rainbow: Using a pencil, lightly sketch the outline of the rainbow across the page. I opted for a flowing, non-traditional rainbow to give the spread a unique and dynamic look.
  2. Outline with Micron Pens: Once satisfied with the pencil sketch, I outlined each line of the rainbow with black Micron pens to define the shapes and add contrast.  
  3. Color with Tombow Markers: Fill in the rainbow sections with Tombow markers, ensuring each colour is vibrant and blends smoothly into the next.  
  4. Add Functional Stickers: Place the Celebrate Your Pride functional stickers strategically across the spread to mark important dates and events. 
  5. Incorporate Cloud Stickers: Use the Hand-Drawn Clouds stickers to add a playful and dreamy element to the layout. 

Tips for Creative Planning

  • Doodle with Pencil First: Always sketch your design with a pencil before inking. This allows you to experiment with different layouts and make adjustments easily.
  • Mix and Match Stickers: Combine different types of stickers to create a balanced and visually appealing spread. Functional stickers help keep you organized, while decorative stickers add personality.
  • Use Bold Colours: This spread for Pride month is all about bold, vibrant colours. Don't be afraid to use bright markers and stickers to make your spread stand out. 
  • Add Foil!: Adding beautiful foiled stickers, like these rainbow foiled quotes from the Celebrate Your Pride sticker kit is a great way to add extra impact to your planner spread. 

The Personal Significance of Pride Month

Celebrating Pride month is especially important to me because I have many family members and friends who are part of the 2SLGBTQI+ community. Creating this planner spread is a way for me to show my support and celebrate with them. It’s a reminder of the importance of love, acceptance, and the ongoing fight for equality. 


Stay Tuned for More Creative Planning Ideas


If you enjoyed this Pride-inspired planner spread, be sure to check back on my blog for more content. I regularly share how I use stickers from my shop in my planner and bullet journal. Each post is filled with creative ideas and tips to help you make the most out of your planning routine! Here's another layout I created using this kit, which will help you plan a full week of events during Pride week!


Celebrate Pride with Stickers!

Creating a Pride month planner spread is a wonderful way to celebrate and support the 2SLGBTQI+ community while staying organized. With the right materials and a bit of creativity, you can transform your planner into a vibrant celebration of diversity and inclusion. Happy Pride!


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