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Made in Canada Winter 2020 Planner Sale

Made In Canada Spring Planner Sale Details

Made In Canada Spring Planner Sale Details

I'm excited to announce that Winterfield Studios will be participating in the spring Made in Canada Planner Sale, which runs from May 7-9, 2021! If you haven't heard of this sale yet, it features Canadian-based planner shops selling a variety of pretty products like stickers, die cuts, planner clips, dashboards, and more! If you love shopping local and supporting small businesses, the Made in Canada Planner Sale is a great way to show your favourite shops some love!

Shop Sale Discount Details

During the spring sale, my shop will be offering 30% off all regular-priced planner products (stickers, die cuts, and paper clips), so get your carts ready because the sale starts in only a couple of weeks! 

Give Me The Discount Code, Please!

Rest assured that I will be posting the discount code as a banner announcement on this website as well as on my Instagram page here, the Winterfield Studios Facebook page and group, as well as on my Etsy shop. But, if you want the best deal, you'll get it on this website as the prices will always be lower here.

Extra Loot To Sweeten The Sale

Another fantastic part of the sale includes the special shop loot giveaway, and this season of the Made in Canada Planner sale will include two different loots! Can you believe it? This means that you have two separate chances to win a $20 shop credit from every single shop that's participating in each loot, so make sure you check out my Instagram account on the loop for your chance to win a $20 shop credit at Winterfield Studios! 

In the previous Made in Canada spring sale, two lucky winners took home hundreds worth of shop credits to spend at all shops participating in the loot giveaway. I'm not sure about you, but there are a million different creative ways that I can imagine using these shop credits, like with creating a fall and winter planner spread!

Tell Me About Your 5 Sale Freebies (oh ya they're stackable!)!

A sale wouldn't be a good one without tiered freebies to allow everyone an opportunity to score some extra goodies with their order! During this spring sale, my shop will be offering five (5) tiered freebies (and, yes, they will be stackable!). This means that at each new price point, you'll receive the previous freebies at the levels below allowing you to take home up to seven freebies as part of this amazing sale!  

This sale's theme is pink and  yellow peonies, so you'll see that most shops are designing their freebies in this style, which allows you to maximize your planner goodies in the same style to create multiple weekly spreads.

Check out the details below on what stacked tiered freebies are available and which will make up a free mini kit if you reach all tier levels!

Note: all prices are in Canadian.

  1. Grab bags, from various participating shops, for the first 10 purchases on my website (any value) on both Day 1 and Day 2
  2. All purchases will receive a sampler that includes a full box, two beautiful box corners and also some art deco
  3. All purchases over $25 will receive the coordinating date covers (+ #2)
  4. All purchase over $35 will a sampler that includes two full boxes, two half boxes, and pretty icons (+#2 & #3)
  5. All purchases over $50 or more will receive the two box foiled florals in a randomly chosen foil colour (+#2 & #3 & #4)
  6. All purchases over $60 will receive a full page sheet that includes three full boxes, two half boxes, check lists, torn paper edges, art deco, trackers, and more! (+#2 & #3 & #4 & #5)
  7. All orders that mention the May secret code (join our FB group to get this code) will receive the May VIP Facebook group sampler sheet FREE!

 Made in Canada Sale Freebies

A Good Sale Starts With The Organizer

All of the Made in Canada Planner Sales are managed and organized by Erica, from the Sticker Party. Erica always puts on an amazing saleboth for shoppers and for the participating shops, and I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to participate in my second sale with Erica and all of the other incredible shops! 

There's a lot of work that happens in the background from selecting and notifying participating shops to organizing loot giveaways and extra special shop highlights and spotlights to developing the graphics and ensuring all shops are aware of the sale details and how to participate, so I must extend a gracious thank you to the work that Erica puts into each sale as it's truly an honour to participate and also to get to know the other shops. After all, this is the planner community—a group of passionate, friendly, kind, and creative planners who support one another through the good and bad. 

Sale Questions?

If you have any burning sale questions, please feel free to reach out to me here.


Lana Winterfield

Winterfield Studios

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